About Us

Given the current conditions the world is going through and the wide spread of the Internet, we may have noticed that there are many people who struggle in searching for certain topics...

We / B. Muhammad / a university student

By creating this scientific blog (Health is My World), whose goal is to facilitate people's access to topics that help them in life, and we have collected and coordinated information on the most important topics, and thus we have provided a service to these people and saved them effort and time.

The blog provides a variety of content in all scientific fields, for example: the field of food, the field of pet care, and others...

The blog is still under construction, so we ask for your support to publish more useful scientific topics for you.

We note here that it is not our goal to steal content from anywhere, whether other websites, blogs, Facebook pages, or even printed books, etc. We only collect information on a specific topic from different sources and arrange it.

Therefore, we must thank every other blog or any source that we rely on in collecting sufficient information on each topic, and we apologize for any harm that may be caused to those sources in one way or another...... But as we said, we aim to provide service and assistance, even if in a small amount.