The most important 4 health care habits for the elderly

The most important 4 health care habits for the elderly

With age, the body of the elderly changes; Where these changes affect his life and health. It is therefore very important for everyone to accept aging because it imposes a certain set of limitations,
However, we often see people who, despite their old age, are full of vitality and youthful energy. These people adopt some habits that make them full of life.
And if you aim to live healthier for a longer life, you need to develop these healthy habits that people who never age share.

. Follow a healthy diet :

With age it becomes difficult to maintain healthy eating habits for several reasons, especially for the elderly.
Elderly people need to follow easily digestible diets to prevent aging diseases, and accordingly all elements should be available in food, especially sources of energy, protein, vitamins and minerals.
The elderly are advised to eat foods rich in nutrients such as:
- Increase intake of low-calorie nutrients to avoid obesity.
- Avoid processed meats and processed foods rich in salt, fats and carbohydrates.
- Eat foods rich in fiber, which help a lot in solving digestive problems and reduce harmful      cholesterol levels in the elderly.
- Pay attention to protein-rich foods that help preserve muscles and prevent sagging with age.

. Taking care of your life partner :

According to specialists, it was found that the most important part of our self-care is related to the quality of our relationships with the people closest to us. Studies have shown that social isolation is associated with higher levels of inflammation, which is associated with a number of diseases such as heart, cancer and diabetes, which can shorten our life.
However, the researchers recommend prioritizing personal relationships, especially with your partner, and making an effort to make each other happy, which includes talking and doing fun things together.

. Playing sports :

Exercising is a healthy and necessary habit for the elderly. Exercise increases stamina and reduces the risk of some cardiovascular diseases.
Exercise for the elderly has many benefits on their physical health, which are:
- Sport increases blood flow in the body and thus improves mood and improves mental state.
- Prevent osteoporosis and improve muscle and joint flexibility.
- It helps control high blood pressure and promotes heart health.
- Sport works to reduce the percentage of fat in the blood.
- Improving the breathing process, promoting lung health, and raising the body's immunity.

. Pay attention to the outward appearance :

With age, many changes occur, whether in shape, size, or general appearance, such as loss of bone mass in the jaw from the size of the lower part of the face, loss of teeth and receding gums to a change in the appearance of the mouth, and the lips appear shrunken. In addition to the increase in the length of the hair of the ears in men, so that it becomes more coarse with age. And the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes...
These age-related changes in the appearance of the face are inevitable, as these changes reflect the challenges that a person faces in life, so some may resort to surgical face-lifts to remove excess tissue and lift sagging skin, as some things can be done to reduce the signs of aging, including mention :
-  Use sunscreen to protect your skin from harmful rays.
- Using moisturizing and exfoliating creams that help soothe dry skin and may make wrinkles less visible, and exfoliating creams can improve the appearance of older skin by sloughing away dead skin cells.