All about mental health

All about mental health

1- what is mental health?

Mental health is the state of integration of the different energies of the individual, which leads to the best investment, and the realization of his existence. Mental health has an indefinite concept, and it changes with the change of what he finds in terms of life. It also changes with what we discover about ourselves, our behavior, and what we must reach in life.
The inability of individuals to express their psychological needs, and with the difficulty of recognizing them sometimes, prompts society to focus on satisfying the physical and material aspects of individuals more than satisfying their psychological needs.
Mental health refers to the ability to overcome daily challenges and face social problems.

The concept of mental health :

There have been many definitions of mental health, so two trends appeared in the definition of mental health, one negative and the other positive, where the owners of the negative trend see that mental health is the absence of symptoms of mental illness, while the owners of the positive trend see it as the individual’s compatibility with himself and his community and the ability to face crises.
In view of the multiplicity of definitions of mental health, we find it difficult to define one. All the definitions that dealt with the concept of mental health are useful, but none of them gives us an integrated meaning and concept of mental health. The multiplicity of these definitions is due to the uniqueness of one personality over another.

2- why is mental health important ?

Mental health affects the daily life of a person, and this includes social relationships and physical health, and it has great importance, such as:
- An individual who enjoys good mental health is able to understand himself and help him to streamline his psychological life, make it free from conflicts and feel happy with himself and others.
- It is interested in studying the social problems that affect the development of the individual, as it makes them able to cooperate and love.
- Mental health is important in the field of education, where the normal relations between the administration and the student lead to their proper educational and psychological development.
- Mental health is necessary in the workplace because it helps achieve social and economic development.

3- how to improve mental health ?

Because of the importance of mental health, we must seek to improve it, and here is a group of tips that help you in that:
- Learn how to deal with anxiety: it is an unavoidable condition, but it is possible to train in skills such as exercising, for example, that help in coping, as learning enhances self-confidence, and this has a great impact on improving mental health.
- Get enough sleep and rest, because insomnia leads to increased feelings of discomfort and bad mood.
- Communicating with others is an ideal method for promoting mental health, as isolation negatively affects the psychological state and leads to mental disorders such as depression or anxiety.
- Start your day with your favorite drink, such as drinking coffee, for example, which helps to adjust mood, increase concentration, and stay away from alcoholic beverages and drugs that cause many psychological problems.
- Positive thinking and focus on things that make us feel comfortable and happy, and stop remembering the events that happened in the past.

4- how does social media affect mental health ?

Most people get used to browsing social media on their phones, without paying attention to its risks to mental health

Negative affects :

Studies have found that excessive use of social media can exacerbate symptoms of anxiety and depression and increase feelings of isolation. In addition to poor sleep quality, and damage to mental and psychological health. Its effect has been linked to an increase in depression and anxiety.
On the other hand, it facilitates the opportunity to spread rumors and bullying that can offend individuals and can have devastating effects on mental health.
Social media platforms may stimulate feelings of inadequacy or worthlessness.

Positive affects :

Through these same platforms, people with difficulties in social communication can express themselves and communicate effectively with everyone.
These platforms also serve to express and share our ideas and communicate our voices with communities and individuals around the world.
In addition to the importance and role of these platforms in spreading awareness and providing opportunities for creativity, learning and self-development.
In the end, these platforms are a double-edged sword. As we maintain balance within our healthy daily lifestyles. It will be of great benefit to us. On the other hand, addiction to its use increases disorders such as depression and anxiety.

5- What are the goals of mental health ?

Prevention of falling into psychological problems and illnesses by discovering them and how to treat them in order to overcome them before they become severe.
It works to increase happiness, efficiency and self-satisfaction by studying the capabilities of individuals and identifying their tendencies.
Providing appropriate therapeutic capabilities and services that help the individual to develop his abilities through the provision of psychotherapists in order to reduce the bad effects and reach psychological compatibility.