Best 9 healthy foods for diabetes

 Best 9 healthy foods for diabetes

A healthy diet helps maintain blood glucose levels for people with diabetes, along with exercise and weight management.
Therefore, it is advisable to rely on a healthy diet program by relying on vegetables to a large extent, in addition to legumes and foods that contain a large percentage of fiber and some sources of proteins, and to avoid permanently eating fats and sugars, and choosing low-salt foods.
On the other hand, you can consult a doctor who specializes in healthy nutrition to guide you and work with you to develop a health program suitable for your health condition.
Here I will present the 9 best foods for diabetics and help them maintain their health and manage their lives:

1.Dairy :

Dairy products are an important source of protein in addition to calcium and vitamins.
Researchers have proven that milk and dairy products help stabilize blood sugar levels, and that eating dairy reduces the risk of developing diabetes.
Also, researchers specializing in healthy nutrition point out that it is not necessary to eat fat-free dairy. What is important is whether they are free or full-fat products. You must pay attention and monitor the amount of calories and the amount of added sugars to avoid the risk of diabetes.

2. Olive oil :

Olive oil is an unsaturated fat that contains oleic acid, which works to stimulate the hormone of fullness and a sense of satiety, in addition to antioxidants that reduce inflammation and reduce blood pressure, in addition to reducing the level of fat and improving blood sugar.
Olive oil is considered one of the important healthy foods that people with diabetes need to face problems related to the percentage of fat and sugar in the body.
And in a study conducted by researchers in the field of food health, it was proven that olive oil is one of the foods that reduce the incidence of heart disease.

3. Garlic :

Doctors recommend people with diabetes to eat garlic in case of high blood sugar because it works to reduce the level of sugar in the body in addition to that it contains vitamins that help maintain and reduce the level of sugar in the blood, and it can also be eaten raw or added to some foods.

4. Flaxseeds :

Flaxseeds contain a group of plant compounds and fats, in addition to fiber, which are found in very high proportions, and this is what makes them help reduce the incidence of diabetes and reduce blood sugar.
According to studies, it was found that eating flaxseeds for those suffering from diabetes is very beneficial for them because it contains high levels of fiber, which improves the intestines, the feeling of satiety, and improves insulin.
And with more existing research, it was discovered that flaxseeds help prevent and control diabetes.

5. Farro :

Farro and barley are grains that are actually kind of great to add to the diets of people with diabetes.
Diabetics are often diagnosed and want to stay away from complex carbohydrates because they are harmful, but in fact they are very beneficial for their body because they contain a high percentage of fibers that help satiety and fullness and maintain the balance of blood sugar.

6. Broccoli :

Broccoli is one of the most nutritious vegetables and is a cruciferous food that contains an anti-inflammatory compound that has the ability to control blood sugar.
According to studies, broccoli contains a lot of nutrients, including vitamins and iron.
Broccoli helps control and reduce the level of glucose in the blood for people with diabetes and protects blood vessels from damage.

7 . Leafy vegetables :

Diabetics should eat leafy vegetables because they contain large amounts of nutrients, in addition to being low in calories and carbohydrates. In addition, they are rich in fiber and minerals, and this helps reduce the risk of diabetes.
Based on the studies conducted by health nutritionists, vegetables of all kinds are sources of minerals and vitamins that act as antibiotics that reduce inflammation and cellular damage to the body.

8 . Apples :

Apple fruit is one of the foods recommended by doctors for people with diabetes, because its peel contains many fibers that help lower blood sugar.
And you can add it with many foods, such as peanuts, for example, and this will help balance glucose in the blood.

9. Squash :

Squash is a calorie-dense food that also contains a lot of nutritional compounds, and it is one of the healthiest vegetables.
Squash improves insulin tolerance and reduces blood sugar levels, because it contains antioxidants and polysaccharides.
From the studies conducted by researchers, it was found that squash is important for diabetics, and also greatly for its health benefits, which make it a luxurious addition to any meal for them, and its effectiveness in the body by reducing the level of sugar in the blood.