9 basic and important things to keep your cat healthy

9 basic and important things to keep your cat healthy

The health of cats is linked to their lifestyle and they have a direct relationship so that the more vitality and activity of cats is followed by the increase in the ability to practice the instinctive behaviors found in cats, such as chasing, in addition to paying attention to their health system represented by high-quality and preventive health nutrition represented by cleaning all What is related to her body, such as brushing her teeth, for example, and all this in order to have an integrated life and good health for your beautiful cat.
In the following, I will present nine products for the owners of beautiful cats in order to ensure a good and healthy life for their cats:

1. Little mice to play :

No matter how beautiful and cute your cat is, it is connected to its instinct of chasing and the love of hunting.
You can bring toys to your cat, such as a small mouse game that activates your cat, and you can choose the scent that your cat likes, such as catnip, for example, as it is a scent that increases the vitality and activity of your cat, as some studies say.

2. Puzzle game for cats :

The food-filled puzzle game is one of the intellectual games that help your cute cat to be constantly active and energetic always. It does not depend on the mental abilities of your beautiful cat, but also on the physical capabilities, as scientific studies of specialists have proven that the greater the activity of your cat, the less it will be exposed to diseases and the deterioration of its health condition. intellectual and vice versa.

3. Cardboard box :

Many of us like to spend time on social media or watch a movie on TV or a football match, for example, and at this exact time, we cat owners must provide a place designated for our beautiful cat, which is represented, for example, in a cardboard box or any small closed spaces that our beautiful cat can Escape to it, and this is a great option in order to reduce the tension of our spoiled cat.

4 . Hair loss removal brush :

Brushing your cat not only helps reduce shedding and prevent hairballs from forming, but also improves circulation and helps keep parasites and fleas at bay.

5 . Big litter box :

The cat's habits in the house differ from one cat to another, as there are those who urinate in the plant in the house or a pile of clothes in the laundry basket, and there are those who use their own box to spend their needs with complete happiness; Therefore, boxes for your cat or any pet should be placed in a space far from home electrical appliances.

6 . A cat water fountain :

Small water fountains can be provided for cats at home to encourage your pampered cat to consume water because it also needs it to increase its activity and vitality and maintain the performance of its bodies, in addition to that cats are very attracted to filtered water and running water reduces feelings of anxiety for cats.

7 . A cat stick :

A cat stick is a light toy attached to its end, and it is one of the things that can be brought to your beautiful cat at home, which works to make your cat enjoy by sliding on the ground, hanging on the air, or by several activities such as chasing, and this ensures that it stays away from destructive behaviors.

8. Interactive food distribution game :

Stimulating the mind is one of the important things for any pet in the house, such as cats, but we humans often fail in it and we do not provide what can be provided in this aspect, and for this you must use a set of games such as the puzzle game, for example, and this game makes your beautiful cat use its activity and mind from In order to get a reward, which is its own food, and this is one of the ways that motivates your cat and increases their chances of thinking and solving problems to get rewards.

9. Toothpaste and toothbrush for cats :

Animal health specialists recommend using toothpaste and toothbrushes for pets, such as cats, to eliminate plaque, tartar, and gum-related diseases. For this reason, teeth should be cleaned and toothbrushes used for cats throughout the year.